Now I am not able use steam overlay with steam controller. Launch a game, when in-game, turn off the controller (hold middle button > Adjust devices > turn off controller) and then turn it back on. This should be enough to reset your controller. I've been using the steam controller with warzone and love it a lot. I was just getting used to it! ), but some games not sensing it (OverWatch, Injustice 2, Rainbow Six: Siege). I'm also not using any third party software (e.g. I use DS4 windows with the ps4 controller connected BT. In most cases, the issue is caused by the driver problem. Yeah, but it's still not native. Sometimes you are bothered by Rocket Leagues controller not working when using a PS4 DualShock controller. DualShock 4 pairing and connecting issues PS4. It does this on all my games. If you want to play games that aren't on Steam with your DualShock 4, jump ahead for our in-depth guide to getting your PS4 controller working with an open source tool called DS4Windows. The XBOX controller was used on another computer and was able to play Stardew Valley from the other computer. The controller works perfectly in some games (Cuphead, Dark Souls, Battleblock Theater, etc. - DualShock 4 It is also possible about another signal interfereing with the signal so I would try a wired connection too. I've tried turning all the controller configurations in big picture mode off resulting in the game not recognising the controller. The Reset button is located in a tiny hole at the back of the controller near the L2 button. First turn off your console. Reset PS4 Game Controller. Steam recognizes the controllers and I can use them in other Steam games. But recent updates to warzone has stopped that. I have individually attempted to used both a PS4 and an XBOX 360 controller (not at the same time) with and without cables and they do not work in Stardew Valley. DS4) to connect it via bluetooth, although I will mention that the computer recognises it as just Wireless Controller under the Device Manager. Try DS4 Windows. I tried resetting it but it didn't work. I have had success with using the ps4 controller with out steam. My ps4 controller works perfectly at the playstation homescreen, but when I go to play a game it doesn't work all of the buttons stop working but then I can go back to the homescreen and it works fine. Your PS4 controller won’t sync with your console and you’re trying to work … Anybody who wants PS4 controllers to work with their games still has to specifically add in the support, which I see that steam and FFXIV have. The next step is to once again pair your controller with your device. This wikiHow article will teach you how to test your PS4 controller's functionality with a Windows 10 computer. When troubleshooting a wireless PS4 controller, make sure that you charge to 100% first. It's very strange. If you're suspicious of your PS4 controller's functionality and suspect that it is not working properly, you can always connect it to your Windows 10 computer and diagnose any issues. Install a Proper Driver for Your Controller. How To Fix Your PS4 Controller Syncing Issues. Using a paperclip, press and hold the Reset button for a few seconds. For a PS4 DualShock controller, uncheck Xbox Configuration Support and check PlayStation Configuration Support. If the above don't work, there's a good chance that a button is stuck on the controller and is blocking the rest of the buttons to work properly. I would try un-pairing it and re-pairing it with the PC.