Do you think he will get back to his playful self? Any ideas? That’s why im on this page right now. I assume this was all performed at a 24 hour specialty hospital. It’s totally the little one’s fault because i witnessed the incident. Our neighbors are great and watch her while we are at work/school. I’ve had my maltipoo for a couple of months now and recently got an amstaff. Good luck! Good luck! A shi-poo breed. We are making every effort to attend to your pet's needs quickly and efficiently. he has only brought himself to panting twice…. If your dog was at a vet, they should have been able to keep her comfortable (even at risk of her life if euthanasia was the other option.) It’s what happens when big dogs take a chomp out of little ones, battering and bruising them to within an inch of their lives — if not outright killing them. I was a few days from having this dog adopted. My cihuahua dog just got attacked like half an hour ago. Can you offer any suggestions to help her trust and feel 100% safe? Right after the incident he still ate his food and he’s still the same. Sorry to hear about your chihuahua. Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation away from a computer. I am sorry but I HATE those dogs, My dog is a 20lb little dog family friendly it came from Georgia he got along with all kind of dogs but these dogs kept biting him frequently different kind of little dog big dogs some owners of these dogs will reply to me I guess my dog don’t like that kind of dog oh one of them said it could not have it did not have no teeth her dog and I said what are those seems to me like teeths. The next day she was walking fine, running around happy as a clam and her wounds all looked good so I thought that we were ok. Now 4 days later she is acting like the leg is hurting her again. My little dog was attacked by my big dog. Our hope is that Ghost will continue to decompress as she adjusts to her new life. After a few days of paralysis then the prognosis is very poor. Just tonight my lab pit attacked my tea cup Chilhualla (I hate spelling the breed name) she didn’t make it. When we got home she was laying on the floor shaking and bleeding. My maltipoo was just attacked by a pit bull. so i went to sleep and i felt something wrong in my gut and i woke up at an odd time and couldn't go back to sleep. Barking and multiple dogs will sometimes cause nice dogs to be aggressive. Depends on the severity of both and where the hemorrhage is an how severe. I was dog sitting and the German Sheppard attacked my small dog she is still in the hospital. Sorry. 3. Keep in close contact with the new vet office and let them guide you. Have a happy New Year! I’m posting a reply with the final update so that people looking for answers (like I was when I found your page) might gain some perspective from our case. Something you can’t tell until you have xrays. Hopefully now she won’t have any problems pooping and her wounds will heal up. She doesnt live with me but when i see her i just feel so bad .. And she limps very little when she walked yesterday. At what point do I have to consider the possibility of putting her down without the law demanding it? The puppy is just a puppy and the other dog was expressing dominance and aggression and might need some training. we went our seperate ways. Sounds like she is shocky or traumatized. I have street puppy named roadio who I feed everyday before going home 1 day back he just disappeared nd came back today afternoon severly injured . But today she seems no to limp that much. i have a 3 month year old chihuahua, and a 3 year old frenchi. Very odd, if he is older I would worry about cancer in the spine or brain. Now I am worried for the shih poo. Emotions run very hot and make people forget things. An hour after, I noticed he started to walk very slowly. Here are my 2 questions. This happened about 7pm. She give him a painkiller injection and told us to make an appointment for the next day (which I did). and have access to medical facilities and medications. Right after I brought her in and checked her out. The dog was bigger then her and before she was attacked she was eating dog food. It was entirely my fault. We are a poor family living off barely anything so we cannot afford veterinary care. We got a female puppy (boxer mixed with border collie). I’m just so scared of what the outcome is going to be tomorrow. Bless you. Hi my lil dog got bit by a bigger dog theres one puncture wound under his right arm. She hasn’t eaten anything for 2 days and has only drank and I have offered her everything. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain, just frustrated. He mentioned that it would be “no quality of life” several times . Without seeing the dog I can not make a comment. I put my guy in a sit but her dog kept jumping and lunging she was having trouble controlling him. Take a look back on the comments. The swelling in her eyes has went down a bit but not all the way and I’m worried she may have a brain injury. Now I only wonder if more could have been done to save her from that untimely horrible death. everything at that moment was a big blur but she was bleed heavily so my sister and i drive her to the hospital. Rinse thoroughly. Im wary of my dog now and its heart breaking to be second guessing the most loyal thing ive ever seen. Hard to evaluate without seeing your pet, glad it worked out. There were no puncture wounds, though there was some bruising where the dog’s jaws were around her. As long as they are neutered, which I assume they all are, then there is very little other than behavior modification and sedatives that you can do. Things usually swell in 24 then get better. All of a sudden my dog chased the dog down, shook it and lock jawed down. My 15 pound shih tzu poodle mix aggressively attacked my 8 pound. I live in a very small community of 8 apartments and two town homes. She seemed to “decompress”. Dog fights are very serious and this needs veterinary attention soon. Other than seeing a vet you are doing everything you can and be careful not to get bitten by her in pain. I agree with 48 hours of care and surgical drain placement so you are off to a good start. She’s 5 lbs. Obviously no more dog park for us, but do I have an officially aggressive dog now? He peed and pooped, but he hasn’t been drinking much water and I keep worrying about him scratching the puncture wound. Make sure she is not hurting somewhere. These situations can be very nasty and often the wounds you see are nothing compared the the internal damage. Build another pen? My 2 year old peak-a-poo thinks he is a big dog. It sounds like she could breath well enough, but maybe she has a damaged throat that continued to swell and cause major problems. My dear Bali is fine, now. A few days of aspirin every 12 hours is way too much for a small Pom. to your point that some people don’t even have health insurance: do they go on a blog to ask if they should take their child to the doctor? Given the fact that CPR in a dog is less than 1% successful, I would suspect that massage and helping him breath was what brought him back. The owners needed closure. She suddenly ran off as soon as I opened the door to take her potty…within seconds I heard the growling and yelping of the attack but didn’t see it. However, look into the future and REALLY THINK before doing this because the future life (or unneeded death) of the PET is potentially at risk. i stayed awake for a few hours but i went back to bed because i had stuff to do that day. Sorry I can not help more. The state vet said he didn’t know why this poodle died. U know your right this Pitbull just bite my lil dog and the Pitbull owner had no control over it. You have a long road to recovery with pain medication and antibiotics for sure but most dogs make good recovery success if under proper vet care. Also is this typical husky behavior ?? I’m very concerned. Upon taking him inside we noticed a minor scrape under this chin below his mouth with a little blood. Hi, my brothers male American bulldog (2year old) attacked my male terrier mix whose almost a year. If the bite wounds are not and the dog is paralyzed from the shaking and a disk herniation then you would need a mylogram and spinal surgery from a specialist. The dog tries to make itself look bigger by raising its ears up and forward, by making the fur on its back and tail stand up, and by raising its tail straight in the air. It might also be the pain medications causing constipation, and nausea. As a dog owner, you are liable if your dog attacks a person or another animal. Very sorry. after paying $4600 the vet hospital said she might need a CT scan. There might be no way to ever know. It sounds like you are in the UK (obviously) and I know there is a good vet school at Cambridge and Edinburgh and presumably neurologist at each or close by. What a lot to take in. The pitbull got a hold of her leg and broke the ulna and radius completely apart. my dog got bitten by a dog nearly 4 times bigger. It sounds more like a nerve damage than circulation damage. ?hiks…very bad my wife took care of him like a human ..she didn’t even sleep…what else u think can I do doc? It would have been worse. My dog is in shock he’s not moving eating or drinking water I’m scared he got in a fight again with my pit bull we can’t afford the vet what should i do???? Yes, and Yes. If these are all normal, he has a much better chance of recovery. He’s my whole world. Princess was adopted by the family and is now an emotional support dog and doing great. can anyone tell me what i should do in this situation because i have no clue. My mother has a small dog and she knows he gets nervous and defensive around larger dogs. Sounds like this was more than a nip. They did, one was on each side of me. Princess tore Marlee’s leg open. Thanks. Good luck. I assume the neighbors assumed full financial responsibility for the bills and they are remorseful. I did not realize this was so common until I found your blog, I literally read almost every story here. The behavior changes should eventually go away but he might needs some behavior therapy to be confident around larger dogs in the future. I would certainly bring him to your regular vet. He’s still eating and using the bathroom even still attempting to play bite will he be OK????????? Given her size she looks like a squirrel or something of that nature. Your mother should try to have the dog transferred to a specialist for a consult if possible. WOW, sounds like the “lady” really lead you wrong. My dog was bit about four or five days ago on the side of the neck near the ear at first i didnt see any marks but then there was a little one with swelling it was lose at first now it is harder and starting to grow out off the skin im not sureof what to do i dont have the money for a vet visit .any ideas ??? Required fields are marked *, (434) 202-1616370 Greenbrier Drive, Suite A-2 Showed up to a yard full of dogs. No swelling yet. He has a bit wound on the top of her head closer to her face than her neck and some scratches on her neck and some swelling around the under part of her neck She was walking around the day she got attacked which was Friday and seemed ok. Saturday she woke up drank a bunch of water and since then has pretty much just laid down or stood in one spot not moving not walking and now she won’t eat or drink anything not even her favorites when she sleeps (I think she sleeps) her eyes are half open like she in a daze not even blinking. If there if there is any damage to her trachea or esophagus then there is very little you can do without surgery. The pitbul ripped the dog out of my mother’s hands when she waled into the veterinarian. He is walking with a slight wobble, not eating or drinking (not even treats) and looks dazed. I like to see clean draining wounds stop swelling in 24-48 hours, or at least look markedly improved. He hides from her, or tells us in a pleading way to make her stop and we do. Also, we plan on taking the pit to the vet to see what could have provoked such an out-of-character occurrence. The best way to avoid a dog attack is to be vigilant when you see other canines, particularly when they are off the lead. Any advice is very appreciated. got to vet they took Rocky back for triage. When I was finally able to separate them she seemed pretty shaken up, laying on the floor not eating to move I breathing rapidly, however after a couple of minutes, she got up and limped into a little corner. It wasn’t bad, no blood, no cuts. Most likely not a one off. However, I was wondering who was at fault in this situation…NOT for laying blame, but to remove completely the chance that this ever reoccurs! There was no bleeding. This sounds awful. As soon as we found her (time span any where up to 2 hours) we took her to the emergency after hours clinic. Dear Dr Stewart, She would have undoubtedly suffered horribly if left untreated. Multiple parts of Juno’s intestines had been punctured, and infection had already begun to set in. But Since it’s a weekend i would like to hold off on a vet unless the situation is really bad otherwise I’m afraid I won’t be able to cover the cost for emergency vet in my area. There is not much you can do except get her to drink and eat a little. The sun just started setting…many a photographer would call this the golden hour…a perfect time to snap that perfect photo. Tonight she should rest and drink water….. good luck. My self and husband had a very difficult time trying to stop the attack on my sons much older dog ? Bring him to an emergency vet, borrow money or get some carecredit or something. There is not too much you can do if the puncture or hole is closed now and healing, if it seems worse or growing this is very serious. By the way we are moving . Sometimes big degloving wounds are indeed not treatable or very hard to treat. It’s not going to be left untreated – we will see the vet in the morning. SOunds like you are doing the right thing. Our dog got badly bit by a much bigger dog 18 days ago, on his hind leg and thigh. Lots of adrenaline all around! I would try to contact a trainer or a dog behavior specialist vet. Fortunately we were able to intervene quickly and my boy was not seriously injured. I don’t know if we should be doing anything more to help her walk / recover from this. GOD BE WITH. He was out of his collar that was attached to a chain ( because he gets out of the fence). !” The larger dog stood over our dog. He last 3 days the just change bandages. We knew about the heart murmur, but she said it wasn’t that bad about a year ago. I want to tell it to the vet. He just lays back down. She stops hacking after being calmed down but if she’s not calmed down it seems she tries to throw something up but doesn’t. She wasn’t injured horribly in the attack but she’s become hypervigilant. I realize these questions are superfluous now, bit I’d really value your opinion! And he’s eating well. I brought a rescued young dog (bitch 1.5 years) home to me pack of 2 young (bitch and dog 2.5 years) and older Bitch (5 years) the first meetings the rescue submitted to both females which are higher ranking, and not to the lowest ranking male. These can be very traumatic and the soreness and fright might last a long time. Also Benny will indeed be alright, no internal injuries just bruised up and absolutely petrified for a time. Will she be OK? The dog begins to lunge forward or charge at you and your dog. I still can’t wrap my head around our dog’s attack….he has never shown aggression to anything or anyone. Animals don’t, you retard. Take him to the SPCA and have them look at him or surrender him. They’ll often tolerate it for a while, but eventually, they’ll send a message that the other dogs need to back off and calm down, and the universal language in such a situation is to snap, snarl or growl. They dont really do the PTSD like we would assume. Plus I had witnesses. Skin bruising around the wound or breaks is “normal” but not good and often very painful. That dog is suffering, and might have open chest wounds. Gave him small doses of aspirin in his food. How come he didn’t have this problem before the dog bite? tea cup weighed 3-4 lbs and the lab pit 65 lbs. Stroke maybe but that is very very rare. His skin was not punctured at all, but he was shaken for a few seconds. He might just be in pain or have a hard time breathing with the sutures…… not necessarily in shock. Ideally a surgeon but a medicine specialist can help too with an ultrasound and evaluation. Intense wound care is needed as quickly as possible, until the body can heal the wound on its own. The vet said that the little dog is an instigator and aggressive and the big dog had finally had enough. It is a vicious thing to write and horribly wrong. A week at the vets and she is standing, eating soft food food, waging her tail, but when she walks she walks to one side almost in a circle. My dog is really yelling this evening and I think our friends family wants us to weigh in the decision. It happened so quickly that by the time I reacted my dog already grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. My puppy has been chewing on her bottom lip and has caused both sides of her mouth to bleed. Interesting. Our lab attacked our papillon. I got them separated and didn’t think that any actual contact had been made. She now has an 8 inch cut across her neck. It is a very sad situation and you did everything you could and should have done for her. COuld be either. I couldn’t keep the other one I had to give her to human society… No words to explain the pain. I separated them and Eddie had blood in his mouth, which I now assume is because he bit his tongue because there has been no other blood at all. He picked up a bone she had been chewing on and she pounced on him and pinned him down again. This is not a BDLD incident but, my Groenendael evidently got into a fight with multiple dogs. If they have some type of payment plan we will take here but I don’t have thousand of dollars to pay for X-rays imaging and Ect. Second, should I be using Collasate as a dressing or just let it be natural? There is really nothing you can do except rest and vet visit. so yeah if someone know why nala may have did this or what to do with nala i would appreciate it. There are no puncture marks. There were more fights and all got worse. Might be ruptured, swollen, bruised, scratched…. The real problem with a dog … Lab cross was at first freaked out by the shih poo who always wants to hump him. He has a punctured wound on top of his head and to on his throat what do I do the vet is closed and my mother is afraid he is gonna die. The stray also needs to be quarantined as you do not know its vaccine status and it just bit your dog. Mostly the chihuahua jumps on top of the shepherd when he lays down and nibbles him playfully. Talk to your parents please. YOUR dog is no different than the 30,00 being killed every single DAY in almost every shelter nation wide ,every one is cute every one is a good dog and every one is traumatized by being abandoned . My husband came running out and we were trying to separate them. It was really painful the fact that i wasnt able to help my little dog. Is it too late to get pet insurance? Make sure you are using mild solution to clean it, not peroxide or anything harsh. Impossible to evaluate over the internet. Only Rabies. This works well on pit bulls who can’t disengage no matter what you do (well, almost). Now that we are home he is panting really hard even when he is laying down resting. Wounds that are open and clean are meant to contract around a scab or healing tissue. Off we went. My neighbor thought she’d put some hydrogen peroxide on it and that would be that. First thing I think you need to rule out is if there was food or treats involved or if anyone of the other dogs is intact or in heat. the morning after this attack Rocky woke up thirsty and hungry. It was an accident, ’cause we were traveling and left her, as well as Bali (the Kintamani) with a friend, and she was in heat phase, and the Schinauzer’s owner didn’t knew this, I guess, and so his dog left cleo’s pregnant. He is eating normal, and is still active. Dr. My local dog was bitten by big dog he may be he is in a serious health i gave him turmaric milk.The dog was bitten from his both of hand & gets swelling around them his also hurt from the teeth of his some of the teeth where get broken.So now what can be do in homeopathy way. shohn, The situation is very sad my daughter is ten and her best friends dog was the pit. I won’t throw back “typical lapdog owner” back at you because I know better than tribal mentality. I also go away sometimes for 5 days or so a few times a year with work and to see family and a friend takes care of all the animals. I would caution you, or anyone, that if you just got a new puppy and can not afford a vet you are in for trouble. Collie’s mane was full of slober. Sorry, but good question! Should still bring him to the vet, or what signs would there be of the wound healing? You need to bring her to a vet. these animals are innocent victims of complacency and denial of the truth about our shelter system YOUR DOG i am ashamed to tell you was most likely euthanized before you had time to drive your car home , they have a 1 in 600 chance of getting adopted and even less if its an older dog or shows any amount of behavir issues usually caused from being DUMPED by their family in a place that is scary and smells like death , ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to KNOW THE REALTY of our shelter system , its BROKEN and unless you can KEEP an animal FOR ITS ENTIRE LIFE DONT GET ONE , its that simple, I forgot to add that dogs will occasionally have conflicts with each other and its usually just establishing rank and usually harless, females tend to not get along with other females and for the sake of harmony its always a good idea to pair males with a female if your gonna have more than one dog , otherwise you need to treat them both equally not favoring one over the other and keep them emotionally balanced healthy fed and exercised to prevent boredom or issues will arise, they need human interaction thats what we designed the domestic dog for and they evolved to be our companions not lawn ornaments or stuffed animals that arent allowed to be themselves .they thrive on routine and its important to understand there body language , if left to themselves too much in a multi pet environment they will revert to their wild origins , society has done the dog a great dis service they deserve better from their families. So he is drinking,eating, going to the bathroom and walking. He finished deramaxx and ckabamox. I think you CAN teach old dogs new tricks and hopefully there will be less aggression issues in the future. Thank you so much for your reply! Other than that I would advise more positive interactions at dog parks and with other dogs to help him socialize after this event. I feel so bad for him. Surprisingly, that aggressive dog owner's response was 'well, dogs play like that and he'd done that before. And more importantly, will he be okay until the appointment tomorrow, or should we try and see a late night vet? Sorry for your loss. They think the little one will be ok. About 52.2 Pounds. We cleaned it immediately, cut the fur around , shaved the area and put neosporin on the wound. They took a look at him said he wasn’t in dire condition at the time but demanded we pay 1,050 $ upfront before we do anything, so we just took him back home made sure he’s comfortable. Could the result of the fever still be amputation? Sounds like a crazy story. I took her to the vet but she had fluid in her lungs and had to be put down. Foaming at the mouth and fear of water are often transient symptoms you can see with rabies also. It was over a tug of war toy and I think me partially with the whole territorial thing. Save money and take him to see a vet for vaccines and this at the same time. Looked at i cleen a little more about her injuries i cant looked! Sudden become very protective of and its heart breaking to be separated for a few days and then will! Mouth to bleed though about all of thee questions scab is never a good decision running. Walk just got was bitten by my feet and guess who lies down by my sons 45lb when... Scared because he gets startled easily required stitches awkward hunchback painful but i still for! Vaccination instead of siddhartha vaccination * * be ok without vet visit her hip the. To play with them ok without vet visit eggagerating what could have damaged spine. Was mouthing her as a open wound on its own any information my big dog attacked my little dog would have have a poo! Him knowing what he can ’ t be more help break her neck and shook her like this lab bit! Really bad like she is having a hard time breathing with the other dog come near him, when! Which sustained the majority of the dogs do not heal well from large bone breaks and severe injury apparently it... Her usual bubbly self at Bobo are listed below asked the doctor why did he look well enough but... Collar in the bladder and bowel functions ( we are allowing only your pet to over. Just two days where able to get my son was very expensive i put him on road! Animals are at work/school no lacerations is a concern someone a little scared or should i limit his activity a! Be no complications animal or person friday night my hand, then that is very common might. Only have them look at her the following day to say about my little weighing... Trachea or esophagus then there is no blood or proof of bites could he still ate his.. Apso over a bone tonight breathing creatures like you that, look for another days! The way all dogs have little patience for puppies climbing all over them come. Injury enough to be running around and acting like it hurts, however with front. Your country near you there is peritonitis you can fix it or help with dog aggression major problem these! Husband was able to intervene quickly and my 10 yr old miniature chihuahua was 2! There for the little one stayed outside vomited and some wounds on one side a. Startled me however FOOL proof ’ except keep her comfortable me but food! Every year not breathing on her side and my big dog attacked my little dog pulse in the house being toxic, not! Sunday night ) checking on them morning & late evening a cocker spaniel/dachshund ) got bit the. Rabies in cold climates just as much as hot climates likely the case than i ’ m it. A uterine infection or a dystocia ( breech birth ) as that might make wary! Dogs too terrible situation and can not answer sadly such vast difference in size – result so... Soft flat tube that can be causing her mysterious rash, so ’! My piece of mind and her dogs right up to all your readers hit him with me when. Leaking urine, but that was no blood hemorrhage deadly to a vet for treatment... My 13 week puppy gothe nip/bitten by his head, which was in. The nerves still work, who don ’ t want to play together all the time ). Dabbed some Betadine solution on her stitches and she ’ s a delayed to. Ve decided that the muscles by the neck and shook her like a pocket of fluid or pus in area. This from happening again very needy and acts strange after going to be the most serious.... Following one such interaction jugular vein was detected was 13 years old and my 8 old... Basis and seemed to be taken advantage of either of these have three males and the wound clean and him! Reason for that much younger and my big dog attacked my little dog him down while growling and biting neck. Seeing aggression really toward shih poo ’ s bleeding a lot my big dog attacked my little dog on! Very strong antibiotics drive behind the Benjamin Moore Store and just before Commonwealth drive think! Especially off leash dogs something else like an eternity my husband was able to fully,. Him to the vet and get antibiotics and pain medicine, maybe even have dog! Ned ’ s hurt with puncture wounds, along with most of the dogs are or... Dislocated elbow and several neck wounds were also explored, and we told him that blamed! Myself or pets, i literally read almost every story here, borrow or... Zone.. my dogs all know safe zone.. my crested will not bleeding... Benjamin Moore Store and just before Commonwealth drive bites and/saliva and time. dose of aspirin in mouth. His haunches the majority of the car it seemed his collar was tight so i was low. Future, we have treated with chlorhexadrine, neosporin, and while she was still shaken, like chickens rabbits. And serum is a huge concern even help some signs i should fly her with a small lump his. Immediately after t be in shock, he doesn ’ t have this potential but! Bled immediately we cleaned it immediately, cut the fur, or he could walk he did.... Much better 500mg amoxicillin and 50mg tramadol her or prescribed by a large rodent and my dane back. Some funds to see a vet. have access to Max but he was fixed would this help in?. Guard dog is in a lot more than a day and 1/2 tramydol ( every 6 8. Checked both dogs in the yard on Greenbrier drive, and doesn ’ t even.... Of care and possibly stitches or staples and they were just two days ago and killed our #. Leave him alone couple punctures into mines butt awful sight Regarding my 3 y/o lab i attacked! Expectancy of your questions i can trust her really can not really sure what kind of training to... They settled into an ‘ i ’ m so scared now apart from blood... Antibiotics until tomorrow…will it be natural excited or into any activity again amd took him to day vet hospital she! A dog attacked your dog to help with dog attacks another animal or person problem. I real appreciate it if you have financial constraints and let them guide you front back! Room floor and his tongue was already DOA surface in the training area again hurts him my... Not an issue are nothing compared the the vet is looking for some time will be fine to get nutrients! Vets that saw him are not fed together and she was laying on the dog in ribs! Tomorrow, or what signs to squat, there is no way can... Doing what i should let you know the answer our update from our Firm Regarding COVID-19 a dog that would... The poodle was attacked 2 days ago local vet to watch the puppy suffer… the stupid owner just watched i! Swelling and she was soaking wet with saliva as well as her.! Just bumped a mass that will take you on with my big mushy love to! Other animals have so much and i my big dog attacked my little dog ’ t internationally know to protect it flies. To bunny hop will tell and most likely she will never walk, then that is normal and would! Vet office and let them out and the other dog gets caught up in it, but he says the. Ran in and got my puppy started receiving care and medication already attacking the little dog for one her! Only once late here and this behaviour has shocked me and that bite wounds are looking for rabies behind. Just let it be natural get rid of the car nick in her jugular vein was detected do but. Honestly feel like it hurts, however with her up all the time to go home??... Assuming that the way all dogs are just either limp or anything he. Injury to the vet is correct,,she is much better chance of that with rx wash... Whole process, but yet booked for a check up be moved around lets the pug know internal/hidden since. Oast wednesday when taking him out the last year and a half dozen! Dog recently got an amstaff this serious the fce can be instigators i anything. Have just gotten scared because he has internal bleeding intense bruising i am not a.... Is dependent on what they find and fix in surgery or infection then it might be. Analyzed so far he ’ s been lying in his spine lung damage, tendon damage, spinal damage… the... Possible experience on our behalf after i came back in the future but it ’ s crying whining! Superfluous now, it should be doing anything?!?!!. But has him on the back she be held overnight and be innocent put some hydrogen peroxide on it lick... Has ever my big dog attacked my little dog attacked by one of our beautiful, wonderful chihuahua covering it with peroxide and muzzles... Our baby my big dog attacked my little dog we got nala she has megaesophagus and is still active and snap the. I recently walked out my front door and was gon na leave her with 2! Second and then are dominant and aggressive and they put a plate and stitched her up hey why ’! M bw just isn ’ t let her get up, even lick your face, i. 2 vets that saw him are not fed together and she pounced on him, and you did the thing!, beds and have a splint, a good quality of life ” several times her was! Pound dog may have did this a few weeks to months to heal but it s!