Being the lovely and gracious sort that I am, I retconned my own Cyrodiil in my own MC's Commentaries-- "Witness the Red King Once Jungled." Musings on Redguard porcelain armor (circa January 2006). Many writings have made vague references to it throughout history, but despite its importance, there's a lack of information. And then, of course, this thing got scattered and spread among the tribes, so that eventually ashlander tribesmer would all be wearing earrings made out of the chainmail ringlets, each one hearing the profane whisper of Truth. Skeleton. If they did, Tamriel would be in their rearview mirror. Are all the guar dead after the Red Year? Belief-engines, properly called the “Auxiliary Semi-Shockpoint Nilgularity”, provide energy for short dream-sleeve jumps in case a Vehkship’s main ego is damaged, allowing the C0DA Paravant to potentially get to the safety of a voidyard orbital. And here you get delightfully close, in regards to your study, at least. Witness the home of the Red King Once Jungled." Such... violence. That he went on a sleepless amphetamine binge. Many post-apocalypse manifestations of the HoonDing have individualized (like Diagna), and Ebonarm may be one (or many) of these. Was awesome idea. I haven't found anything convincing beyond internet rumors. Same with daedra/demons (see nearly any myth about daedra or evil gods-- more than likely, it'll be referred to as a 'demon'). Ruma gave birth to herself, and her father was the father. Reducing the Dwemeri belief system to technofetish or atheism is missing the point by a kalpa. But something started to bug me about that name— oh shit, it was a place in the tabletop rpg, Earthdawn! Exploration of a cut idea about the Red Diamond after the Great War (02/23/14). Origins. It always has been. The Second Empire technically ‘begins’ with the coronation of Reman. Did it help you at all? To do so would be antithetical to their very existence. So OF COURSE I decided hey, they’re both right and holy shit the name for the Daedric V is Vehk and if you kind of reverb it it goes V’Vehk isn’t that cool, guys? Players are also free to stray from the main quest at any time and can choose not to do it at all, and instead explore around or join factions. How did the Magne-Ge create Mehrunes the Razor? — Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes, Book Three CHIM (/kɪm/ kim) has been described as the secret syllable of royalty. Kurt changed it to Vivek (maybe because of the lotus position drawings I kept doing? The former was mostly me (Varieties was written in one night), the latter was usually Kurt (one does not argue with someone that can use examples from the Peloponnesian War to explain almost anything). which completely ran contrary to all my analysis. I've been playing(and in love) with the Elder Scrolls universe ever since Morrowind. (Actually, if you have some personal made-up worlds or stories or ideas that you haven't shared publicly... would you feel OK about sharing some kind of spicy details from any of those?). How the name "Mundus" originated (07/18/14). ", Who is the figure on the floor in the Foul Murder drawing? Therein lies my take on the lamentable change in geograhical featuredom, as I always side on the magical Tamriel-as-malleable-landscape-by-the-will-of-heroes rather than real-world notions of glacial drift and unstable rainforests. Vivec's gift of "my head for an hour" wasn't an innuendo. From the [Giants] we learned wind, and in wind we learned vacuum, and in vacuum we found the Not Talk of Ooghama, shield-wife of the Debris, [who had] written everything on her that will ever be and we took all the spaces between the words and talked that way in secret. Regarding ordering, I really only feel strongly about Skyrim First, New Imperial Province Second, Cyrodiil Third. Thus, it's my fault that the Asian analogues got eaten. Thus, "Daedra", in this sense, which means more-or-less "Not OUR Ancestors", are of the same level of power. Then think again before you dismiss the the idea of Divine Hypnagogia. Even now, Dres slavers often refer to their cattle-Guar as Tigers. The novel focuses on the end of the world, and rather than this resulting in the next Aurbic kalpa, the kalpic cycle also comes to an end.The setting for the novel is a science-fantasy evolution of the moon Masser, to which inhabitants of Nirn fled after an apocalyptic event called the Landfall. Michael Kirkbride AMA. What kind of inspirations and influences do you draw from, nowadays? Twil as Twilight. The original ordering of PGE1 wasn't really decided until its final, frantic days, except that we knew Morrowind would always be last, since that was DF's sequel. From Totemic Traditions in Atmoran Culture. If the first era must “belong” to any one nation of Tamriel, then it is, of course, Cyrodiil. Would you care to offer some insight on what a more accurate aspiration for the Thalmor's realization of their goals would be, insomuch as it's even possible to write in a sufficiently concise and cryptic manner for an organization that operates on bureaucratically-saturated information overload in more or less everything they do? If one could misinterpret the name of their religion (they were said to be 'pious'), one might name it negalithic refusatronic world-navel-gazinism. In ones and twos, then in droves, and then their own priests and their own kings will throw down their false idols and take up the New Faith. Well, that’s not true, I knew the reason this memory returned to me there in my leaning, but I was afraid to realize it into words until now. The world of mortals will be over. (12/25/09). Background on Guars and Tiber Septim's love of tigers. 23 replies . The Dwarven Disappearance, for all I know and hope, will never be explained fully. By creating the equivalent of an Nu-class Mnemolic, shrinking it instantaneously via a creatia tesseract array, and then projecting the resulting moth-talk well to a nil-point just outside the ego’s hull, an ASSN can slingshot the Paravant into era-streams without the needed energies of nearby aetheric bodies or shockpoint application. What caused the Wanderers and Old Ehlnofey to split? The larger part is that Vivec's voice is Legion, and it was only fitting that he had more than one author. The “First Empire of Skyrim” is somewhat of a fabrication. Just like Akatosh-as-we-usually-know-him could time-scheme against his mirror-brother of the Nords, Alduin, to keep the present kalpa-- perhaps his favorite-- from being eaten. On the idea of Dragons being more a state of allegiance than a biological definition (07/24/14). The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995, "earth and earth, where the meddlers take no stones except to blood, as blood IS blood, and to the cracking of bone, as bone IS bone, and so to crack and answer and fall before the one and one, I call you Dragon as brother and king". numinit: Who -- or what is the Underking? So, of course, the next thought was: "Screw that, what if Cyrus just fought everyone in Tamrielic history?" Hardest of the hardcore. Those who know it can reshape the land. a rake that has not been enchanted/cursed/used by a famous magic user nor host to a demon, god, or hero? Most Human (Imperial) cultures regard the Daedra as separate from the Gods of the Eight Divines, true. Who knows. On Ruma Camoran & Michael Kirkbride. In this context, it means 'gay samurai'. ZOMGWTFGIANTFEATHEREDFLUTYRANTS.". His fifth and second arms encircle his staff as his mandibles click out a small prayer. Vivec would have stolen their remains, I would think. Do you have any inspirations for your writings that are especially prominent or significant? Pelinal was and is an insane collective swarmfoam war-fractal from the future, you betcha. The line changed from something like "a hoplite who Pelinal often shared a tent with at night" to "a hoplite who Pelinal loved well". (Remind me to relate the No One Wanted to Write the High Rock section later.). Is the normal use of the rake required but there is no one to use the rake? If you're gonna be a hater, either here or at the AMA, just don't waste anyone's time. More Talos despair. Terrance Freakin Stamp. Oops. I've talked to people on this site in regards to beliefs that state 'what is written is law' and 'each is to take what they want', and in every case the reasons behind them are imaginatively wonderful and well thought out, but as one of the more celebrated 'Dreamers', where do you stand? I would guess Skyrim and or Atmora, but I can't place a date in that case. Does Paarthurnax have any knowledge of Durnehviir? - page 2 - Topic [Spoil] Le Lore du 15-01-2013 21:59:05 sur les forums de What's the origin of their name? the farmer that uses the rake. Varanu (edited): Hi MK :) I actually have a question that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ELDER SCROLLS! Except, again, when wrapped 'round electric peanuts tossed from the back row with bright'n'shiny underscores for effect. Oblivion has been synoymous [sic] with Hell in the TES 'verse for nearly ten years now (see Redguard). His body, however, full of divine grace, was more than able to accomodate [sic] the hellish appetites of a dark prince of the deep. Although their tapered ears bear a resemblance to that of mer, some scholars believe they actually share an ancestral relationships with the Nords, through the Atmorans. And that just got on everyone's nerves. Is Lyg a former Kalpa's name for Tamriel? The paint would set. What was the cause of their war? Nought prececes [sic] authenticity... so, if this is true: What mythical significance happened thereafter? Note how the somewhat dubious scholarship of the 3rd Edition Pocket Guide to the Empire asserted that Nedics were the progenitors to the Nords, having come to Tamriel from the cold and bitter wastes of the Atmoran continent sometime during the Merethic (Mythic) Era, flying in the face of previous studies. The three cylinders are kept in the vaults beneath White-Gold Tower. And for a long time documents were written about Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and... Vivane. They are also listed below. For as far as any man's eyes, only High Hrothgar remained above the churning coils of dragon stop. With Uncle Ken and Todd always there to steer us in the right direction. He wrote them while taking mushrooms and LSD, locking himself in his room for a week only to be discovered by Todd Howard who took this image. And Kurt, too, insofar as breath weapons being a form of philosophical debate. Everyone here does know that the Ministry of Truth was Lord Vivec's biggest turd ever, right? The former jumps through the hole in the latter's mouth and its head pops out the other end; then the whole symbiote stands up. Is it similar to the Jung philosophy in that he took control of his own conception and birth? The Hlaalu used this to construct the Lighthouse, so that any of their countrymer that may have survived the storm could find their way back. As above, so below, and that's how you do it. On the "marriage" between Vivec and Molag Bal (06/14/05). Self-explanatory. If a hermaphroditic, bug-armored, bipolar god-king existing in multiple universes who has his very own bible with *actual* magic strewn throughout it is your idea of a cliche, then I really would like to live in your world. Yes. They're all girls' names. Which is why I had it removed from Morrowind. Michael Kirkbrides garbage ruins the UESP please dont let it ruin this wiki too? Revered in word frequently among the funnier-masked castes. And something pretty close to the famous theft of a famous thing. In fact, they were created by Vivec to hunt Dreughs during a time-lost campaign against the Altmer of the sea. It's not going to be "the end of all *life* as we know it," leaving a barren wasteland of Earthbone dirt... it's going to be the whole of Nirn inside his mighty gullet. Try to make the rake do something so special at being another tool that it supplants that tool so much that no one remembers when the rake wasn't just that tool all along. AND WHOA DID IT FLY BY FAST. That said: Is there anything you wish you could've gone back and changed in Morrowind? Michael Kirkbride - Canon (-Lore)? (05/01/2012). We need some restrictions to define our explorations before we go buck wild. GOTTA RUN, BUT WE'LL DO IT AGAIN. C0DA's background is introduced in the text Loveletter From the Fifth Era, The True Purpose of Tamriel, which brings some insight into a few aspects of C0DA's lore, most importantly the concept of the "Amaranth." Was also radical. The info is useful, so it should be there. But this recent revelation about Anu As Amaranth seems to move a little towards a more monotheistic - I wanna use the word "Gnostic" - structure. It really boils down to being able to work within the confines of the team's current project. At its root, you might be on to a very cool idea. But I promise my choice had nothing to do with Yellow Peril, it had to do with co-opting "coolness of color" without thinking about it intelligently and compassionately. 3) With Talos and the Sons of Talos removed, the Dragon will become ours to unbind. 3) To the close dreamers, don't forget the Amaranth. So, my take is most of you know or have atleast heard of the infamous Michael Kirkbride and his work such as the 36 Lessons of Vivec. They're his family. Since I do not recall how many there were, I did not see four or five or six or seven or eight or nine cliff-racers. On the stylistic difference between in-game MK works and Obscure Texts (07/14/14). The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series, takes place in the province of Skyrim 200 years after the Oblivion Crisis. The idea that the raga are afraid of magic is just wrong. Given the ridiculous amount of staggeringly amazing content you've given us, its only natural that discussion breathes life into wonderfully varied and insightful opinions. The new name stuck. What would the function of the moons be? Advertisement: Kirkbride wrote for both Morrowind and Oblivion, as well as for the Action-Adventure spin-off Redguard. Your point of view on his insane work does not matter. Voila: Warrior form. I can safely say that Vivec is the most realized character in videogame fiction. 1) Erase the Upstart Talos from the mythic. Ex: A painter would paint it. Was Duadeen half-Akaviri, as asserted by the Five Hundred Companions? (That probably doesn't help at all, really.). Wulfharth L Archmage Voa and Saban were both mighty sorcerers, crucial to both battles at Hunding Bay. AustNerevar (edited): First of all, you're amazing. Hell, even calling them nihilists would be wrong. I'd like to thank you for doing this, especially considering the flooding hell your inbox must be experiencing and my own part in that. Sometimes to their detriment, sure, but more often a hedged bet to ensure the survival of the current kalpa. the autumn leaves are piling too high. And with that we will regain the mantle of the imperishable spirit. As for the lists of cultural pantheons, they are not exhaustive - Dagon, it seems, plays a larger role in Nordic myths than the author (me) of Varieties of Faith was aware of. No way. My internet was down earlier when this was active, but he may still answer a few questions later. When, like, talking about hell or demons, which they usually don't do at night when Oblivion is staring right over their heads. What weapons/capabilities is a Warspore usually equipped with? Hard to place real-world physics on that. NEWS AT ZERO-SUM, PACIFIC STANDARD GRADIENT! and no one had an answer. Don't forget that gods can be shaped by the mythopoeic forces of the mantlers-- so Tosh Raka could be an Akaviri avatar of Akatosh with a grudge against his mirror-brother in Cyrodiil. * (Witnessing Shield-thane who goes blind or is maimed and thus solidifies the wave-form; blind/maimed = = final decision). They are arthropods. I have a few questions of my own, and I have also been asked to carry questions for people who are unable to make it. He doesn't question the world's weirdness, as that notion would never occur to him. He is Michael Kirkbride, if you understand what I mean. Aurbis. What do you think about mixing fantasy and sci-fi? That's a good little hidden bit that I don't want to ruin. During the Oblivion Crisis, the Bosmer were going to call a Wild Hunt to end all Wild Hunts, with every single mer in Valenwood going full monster. That whole speech came from a section of said email where I attempted to get inside MC's head so I could understand how he might think, and how that thought would translate to his writing. Only Todd's very wise decision to leverage the success of DF that Redguard even got a greenlight but, even then, nothing like the PGE was mentioned. I’ve heard every variation of this rumor tbh. Hjalti O Morrowind is the former, Selbeth, and nowhere near the latter. To transcend it? Turin_The_Mormegil: Were elements of the mythology concerning Vivec- particularly his androgyny- in any way inspired by the Ardhanarishvara, the androgynous aspect of Shiva? This, coupled with the fact that His Holiness was never able to pronounce 'Guar' correctly (his troubles with the provincial Chimeric tongue is legendary), led to Septim finally callings them 'Tigers', from a fabled recollection of a storybook beast he loved as a youth. They do not know it yet, those millions that work, rule, and commit their countless sins out there in the cradle of all written history, but he will save them. Until a prophecy is fulfilled, the true contents of an Elder Scoll are malleable, hazy, uncertain. (09/05/14), Why was Summerset Isles and other provinces renamed? Given the open nature of TES PCs, I felt that it was fine to keep it open to interpretation. As Alduin in Skyrim is far below a Daedric Prince, this has led many people to question the validness of Alduin … We tend to forgive those heroes. Upon which Tower did the Selectives dance for the Middle Dawn. But he is also missing the subtlety in the title; in Tamriel, "dragon" and "time" are synonymous, they are bones of the same body-concept. (07/14/14). Whether or not it contributed to the sinking of the land isn't for me to say, but the Yoku and the Left-Handed Elves certainly did fight a lot, so you can be sure the Tower had a part to play in their wargames. Between taking every wonderful idea ever conceived beyond the games and applying it as whole truth, or accepting things only as they make sense to the individual, I'd like to see how you, well, make sense of your own ideas. Then think of the various ways the Sun would affect the Weather/Eyeball/BodyClock/Agriculture/TheShineOfASingleDewdropBeforeAnImportantDuel. sacrilege! The stilted and/or plain sound of The Left-Handed Elves or The Left-Handers strikes me as far for Yokudan. The reptilian Argonians alone among the tribes of Black Marsh are immune to the plague, leading to speculation, not entirely discredited by modern researchers, that a genocidal Argonian mage created the plague for his people. We'll see. The ASSN is strictly Last Ditch technology, however. On the mainland, and specifically the Deshaan Plains, Guars are striped. On the plausibility of Mankar Camoran's claims: Also in all fairness, there's enough evidence to support the Mankar's claims that I was happy that it went in. I can also say that Morrowind is the finest novel written in videogame fiction. I came up with the Tribunal’s looks, personalities, placement in the story (remember, the game used to be set on the entirety of Morrowind), and names. Why was Pelinal's homosexuality edited out of the Adabal-a? Its core concept is the most divisive among the mystics, in my opinion. Jan 8, 2018 #18 nib95 said: Why is a former … (you can ignore it if you want). Any culture that reveres or lives around trees and that had enough knowledge to know that the Hist were crazy Trees? What are Nix-Hounds? (03/18/15). Also in keeping with the recent Auribs as a musical stuff. He is (they are) known to be adversaries of the Daedric powers. I had a plan for a TEA game set in Elsweyr. In hindsight, probably a lot of it was wankery, but it was the first world-building that went beyond the Iliac Bay (the progenitors of Arena were almost gone to a man, so we didn't have their notes, so forgive any bad memory or perceived "lack of documentation"), and it was impossible to stop. Vehkships have vanished in nil-space trying to make an ASSN jump—indeed, the celestial irregularity known as the M4bV Legerity, in which the C0DA Oblivion Vanquisher appears and implodes in perpetuity, is the belief system’s most famous cautionary tale. Elder Scrolls Games. And, yeah, they were named after "Skate Betties" -- girls who would hang out near the half-pipes. This page collects all comments with responses from Michael Kirkbride in chronological order, cutting each thread off at the last reply by him.. Posted by u/MKirkbride:. But, do you think ultimately it might hurt the overall narrative or experience for gamers, as more and more lore is created and piled on until it begins to become contradictory? And begins to dream in the same way. Followup: how do you know? I … I did and do mean Aedra, and therefore extract my question back into the timeframe we should have in mind. So if I avoid any questions about anything related to the above, it’s because the answers are already forthcoming. Is Trinimac/Malacath a mirror-brother of Arkay/Tu'whacca, specifically the aspect of the death god who was cast out after the Aldmer had learned of his purpose through Boethiah? Porcelain armor has exactly the exoticness that seems appropriate to the stone-worshipping people of the Hammerfell. (04/04/14). I like Kirkbride, when he worked for Bethesda. If you could change anything in the series, what would it be and why? These comments were originally archived by The Imperial Library. Redguard was still just "pirates in the sky boats of a barely-hidden Jupiter gas ocean" at the time. Orichalc Tower was indeed in Yokuda. His knights numbered "eighteen less one," the number of the Hurling Disk. This page was last modified on 10 September 2020, at 17:49. If you get it (or care to) then mull it over until it punches the back of your eyeballs. Thalmor button is pressed. The weirdest thing-- and this is no joke-- I inexplicably pulled out the PGE Thursday night to read it. I don't mean in a sense like Star Wars which is fantasy set in a sci-fi-ish setting, but more like a more sci-fi take on fantasy. His appearance in Oblivion is more confusing, since his conflation with the King of Worms means that he somehow hung around after his own apotheosis and stopped being a lich, but that can be explained away in any number of ways, such as the Oblivion Mannimarco being an impostor/successor or the ever-popular "Michael Kirkbride handwaved it, shut up." Does "CHIM-EL GHARJYG" mean High/Royal Hand of Order? Then Todd up and had Terrance Stamp record it at the voiceover sessions. Is this rake observed in any way by "regular" mortals? The Atmorans, who were the progenitors of the Nordic race, were said to be originally both large and intelligent. A deeper meaning is meant, too, but not very many laymen bother with that. That being the very core of this community, my question to you is this; going back to the idea of opinion and interpretation, what is your personal opinion on the idea of canon? But it's still there. The largesse of the Nords towards their ancient enemies is one of my favorite ideas coming out of Red Year. Yeah, like that, but, crap, it just shattered and now I need my morning coffee because I have to work. Now let us say that I saw a number of cliff-racers that was more than three but less than ten. I then took it and went all Al Gore and turned it into the internet. I would see these same scales painted each by hand as if in a mosaic, with ocean patterns that moved like the waves of the Eltheric, confusing the enemies of the sons and daughters of the orichalc isles. The key feature of Daggerfall, as in all The Elder Scrolls games, is the freedom the game offers to players. Then the screaming starts. The Nedic peoples are hardly mentioned in the PGE, which tried to hide the existence of Humans in Tamriel before the coming of the Nords. Although it has been much modified and added on to over the years, its core is a smooth cylinder of shining metal; the Tower is believed to extend at least as far beneath the surface as is now visible above, although its deepest bowels have never been systematically explored.". Hey now, I even gave him a fair shake at the Trial, so you know I'm down. No ifs, ands, or buts. Which is a long way of saying: panther-love. If it did, by the way, the Dwemer would just refuse to believe it anyhow. These are a few notable comments from Michael Kirkbride on The Elder Scrolls setting. The suggestion for Hammerfell was something African-based, but I can't recall. The paint would crack and move. No existence becomes better without love. Elven cultures, however, do not distinguish between "Gods" and "Very Strong Ancestors". Furthermore, the human eras do not conveniently begin and end with a single empire each time. "Is there only one way to transcend the Aurbis?" Limiting the term "object" to a normally non-sentient physical item or tool normally considered mundane? It's just his world and he works with it. Being hugely embarrassed by almost stealing a name (I would let another slip— Nibenay— to my eternal huge embarrassment) I said nope nope nope we gotta rename Vivane.